US Lags Far Behind with Renewable Energy Technologies as Portugal is Now 70% Sustainable

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US Lags Far Behind with Renewable Energy Technologies as Portugal is Now 70% Sustainable

Post by MarZtiaN on Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:43 am

As more and more people are brought into the world and we get yet more industrialized as a human race, we should likely plan to use advanced technologies to better the quality of life on our ever changing planet.

Right now over 77% of our energy in America comes from fossil fuels, about 10% from nuclear, and only around 13% from renewable energy sources.

Although current climate models and global warming trends seem to be backed by corporate sponsored figureheads such as, Al “Mr. Ozone” Gore and Bill Gates, we as humans should be using cleaner safer technologies that have been suppressed by the oilmen and major power companies for years.

When it comes to renewable energy the United States is far behind the pack as only 3 states in the US are producing over 10% renewable energy from either water, wind, geothermal, or solar California, Iowa and North Dakota. According to Wikipedia, “The development of renewable energy and energy efficiency marks “a new era of energy exploration” in the United States, according to President Barack Obama. In a joint address to the Congress on February 24, 2009, President Obama called for doubling renewable energy within the next three years.”

While it’s likely that president Obama is just pushing propaganda to line the pockets of his corporate cronies with American tax dollars, other countries are taking renewable energy serious, bringing it to a whole new level.

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